recent scripts

television: comedic sci-fi and animation

Writer of comedic pilots, typically science fiction and/or animated, including:
The Cleanup Crew, about the poor bastards who have to clean up a Jurassic Park-like theme park
Shift Grifters, an animated sci-fi comedy about Ensley Pike and her group of grifters, including her estranged son, who travel from planet to planet, from technological dystopias to derelict societies, stealing what they can from the rich and trying to never look back
Disaster Every Damn Day, a workplace comedy about the people preventing a new doomsday every single day

Picture by Matt Czap

other writing


Frequent contributor to McSweeney's, with work published in American Bystander and elsewhere.

everything else

Writer of several web series, immersive theater, and some books on test prep.

oh and also

Podcast - Improv, Beat by Beat

Each episode explores another aspect of improv from the perspectives of some of the top improvisors.

Acting Reel

I invented method acting, and then immediately regretted it.

Improv Shows

Performer at UCB Theater, on several Lloyd and Harold teams, and currently performing with Megaplex, the Improvised Movie.