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Tim Platt and #YPR

My friend Tim Platt has been making tons and tons of money as an entrepeneur for the #YPR with #Vemma. Although I can’t tell you how much he makes, here are some numbers:

If you like those numbers, watch this video, and we’ll tell you why your should drop out of college and join the Young Person Revolution. Get out of that University and start going to the YOU-niversity.

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Magic Phone

Magic Phone, the web series that was 12 years in the making, is finally up. Written and directed by Adam Dorsey and me, the Magic Phone can call anyone throughout time, although I just use it to call myself from 12 years ago.

Watch all 7 episodes on youtube.

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LEAKED World Cup Outtakes with Juan Nicolón

My newest video, of outtakes from the World Cup pre-game lineup presentation of Uruguayan player Juan Nicolón, is up on youtube: LEAKED World Cup Outttakes

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Luis Suarez Food Jersey

I’m in Bjorn Comedy’s sketch Luis Suarez’s Food Jerseys.

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5/24 National Scavenger Hunt Day – National Day Week

I shot the National Scavenger Hunt Day episode of Shaun Diston’s National Day Week series. Watch ’em all.

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The Norm Macdonald Poetry Podcast

A new video: The Norm Macdonald Poetry Podcast.

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A Duet at Comedic Information

I recently performed a song I wrote at Anthony Apruzzese’s “Comedic Information” show at The Creek and The Cave. It’s normally a duet. You can see a video of it.

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Soren & Jolles are Happy

I directed this video for Tracy Soren and Jessie Jollies: Happy. You can also check out Tracy & Jessie’s web series DIBS (which I had no part in).

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Best Cupcakes in the World, Episode 3

I am in episode 3 of Amey Goerlich’s Best Cupcakes in the World. In it, I use all of my knowledge as a former baker and maker of cupcakes and try not to yell at Amey.

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Quest for an Unknown Planet

Episode 1 of Quest for an Unknown Planet, the web series I’ve written and created with David Bartin, is now up, at Featuring me, David Bartin, Dom Manzolillo, Cathryn Mudon, Jeremy Bent, Chris Scott, Megan Maes, Matt Mayer, David Bluvband, Dan Hodapp, and Angela Dee. Music by Eric Gersen. Poster by Nathan Smith. Action figure by Casey Bruce.

New episodes will be released every Tuesday.

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