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Oh Boy

I’ve been playing guitar more lately, and so I decided to record a song for the ladies. Not just any ladies mind you, but the ladies who feel like they’ve got a man trapped inside. A man from the future. Of course, this song is also for the men out there, you know the ones I mean, they may be white men, or black men, or asian men, or young men or old men, famous or infamous: The ones who feel as if they’ve got a man from the future trapped inside. Have I mentioned holograms? This song is for holograms too.

Oh Boy

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An Overview of our Course in English for Relationships

Lesson 1: Introductions. Greetings based on time of day.
“Good morning to you.”
“Have a good night!”
“Hello, it is noon.”

Lesson 2: Simple expressions of respect.
“I admire your clothes.”
“You have a nice shape.”

Lesson 3: Interrogatives.
“Where is your apartment?”
“Do you have a car?”
“Do you have roommates?”


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YouTube Conversation Partner

Need someone to talk to? Try talking to me using the new YouTube Conversation Partner.

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The Wedding Photographer

Check out my new short, The Wedding Photographer, featuring Maura Kane, Jacob Knoll, Amey Goerlich, and Dom Manzolillo.

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