The Surgeon Who Used to Be a Real Estate Broker

Okay, so it says here you need coronary artery bypass surgery. I can’t perform that particular surgery, but I CAN help you if you need a stomach stapling.

I see. You’ve really got your heart set on that coronary artery bypass.

Look, I’ll level with you. You seem like a nice couple. But in this market? Honestly, I don’t know of ANYONE getting coronary artery bypass surgery. You should really go with a stomach stapling. I know many people who think they didn’t want a vertical banded gastroplasty surgery, aka “stomach stapling,” but now they LOVE it!

Not a problem. But after looking around for that coronary bypass surgery for a while, if you don’t find it you just give me a call and I’ll staple up your stomach beautifully. Take my card.

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