Discussion Topics for a Book Club Reading My Unplublished Novel

1. Carntower Apartments, where much of the action of the novel takes place, is described as “a facade of ennui upon a foundation of misery, an eyesore on a block of eyesores, a derelict monstrosity lingering too long.” How are specific characters extensions of Carntower apartments? Is there a better word to use in the description than “monstrosity?”

2. The main character, Kurtis Standin, is a writer. What words of encouragement would you offer Kurtis?

3. The character Julius Tappenroe suddenly leaves the story in Chapter 5. If he were to return to the narrative, how and why would he return? Offer specific lines of dialogue, if possible.

4: The character of Harper Bantam is described as “callous and corrupt, a leech upon creativity. Were William Faulkner to ask him for an advance, Bantam would return Faulkner’s novel, unread.” How does the theme of an indifferent, uncaring universe affect you as a reader?

5. Did you notice any typographical errors in the book? If so, alert your book leader.
5. a. Are you willing to fix the typos you have found, or are you part of the problem?
5. b. Do you know how to set type?

6. Kurtis Standin is able to finally achieve his dream due to the actions of a mysterious benefactor. Could I have twenty bucks?

7. One person described the book as “yielding only a forced, deus ex machina conclusion, but evincing no real moral growth in any of the characters.” What the hell does that mean, and how would you fix it?

8. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likeable does the author seem?

9. Did you read the book? Like, the entire thing?

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