An Overview of our Course in English for Relationships

Lesson 1: Introductions. Greetings based on time of day.
“Good morning to you.”
“Have a good night!”
“Hello, it is noon.”

Lesson 2: Simple expressions of respect.
“I admire your clothes.”
“You have a nice shape.”

Lesson 3: Interrogatives.
“Where is your apartment?”
“Do you have a car?”
“Do you have roommates?”

Lesson 4: Expressing wants.
“I want to see a movie.”
“I like it rough.”
“I would like to use the bathroom now.”

Lesson 5: Adjusting your speech to your location. Proper expressions for the movie theater, dance club, yachting party, and many other locations.
“What an impressive astrolabe you have.”
“My, this cabin certainly is secluded.”
“And how much is THIS worth?”

Lesson 6: Adorablisms.
“Is wookie-nubs aww tiwed?”
“I wub yoo!”
“Doez snookums wants a backwub?”
*Note: Lesson 7 is a crossover lesson with the Learning English To Create “I Can Haz a Cheezburger” Captions class.

Lesson 7: Conversation with parents and family members.
“What a fascinating anecdote.”
“That was a delightful meal.”
“I can see where he gets it from.”

Lesson 8: Idle talk.
“I don’t care what movie we see.”
“Are you done with the crossword? You don’t seem to be getting anywhere with it.”
“I’m going for a walk.”
“Do you mind if we just go to sleep early tonight?”

Lesson 9:
Phrases with subtly pejorative connotations.
“That’s very impressive, for you.”
“Of course that’s your favorite movie. It would be.”

Lesson 10:
Complex sentences; regret.
“It’s time for one of us to let go, and I don’t think it’s going to be you.”

Lesson 11: Profanities and the subjunctive tense.
“If I were to able to travel back in time, I would have warned myself to stay the fuck away from you.”
“Had I known you were going to react like that, then maybe I would have stayed home; I had shit to do, you know.”

Lesson 12: Latin phrases.
“Mea Culpa”
“Coitus Interruptus”
“Caveat emptor”

Lesson 13:
How to shut the hell up.

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