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Secrets to Being a Successful Writer

Do you think it’s enough to just have a good idea? Well, it’s not! You have to act on that idea, and force yourself to sit down and finish your masterwork. If you need help (and we all need help sometimes!), then follow this handy list.

  1. Clear your workspace of all clutter. A clean workspace is a clean mind. A clean mind is a clean [COME BACK AND FINISH THIS STEP LATER]
  2. Practice, practice, practice. Practice at least 5 minutes a day, every day that you think about it, and aren’t too busy doing something else. Also, not if you’re really/slightly tired. Oh, and if there’s a new Breaking Bad, don’t worry about it. Watching that show is basically doing research, because it’s so well written.
  3. Check Facebook. Are you not on Facebook? You should sign up for Facebook. (more…)
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